Lilith Rising: Perspectives on Evil and the Feminine

Lilith Rising front

Lilith Rising: Perspectives on Evil and the Feminine


Edited by Cathleen Allyn Conway

Year: 2016

Format: eBook (PDF)

This anthology provides a snapshot of contemporary discussions in which aspects of the evil feminine are addressed, challenged and dismantled across a wide variety of disciplines, professions and vocations.

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This anthology provides a snapshot of contemporary discussions in which aspects of the evil feminine introduced and compared. From representations in mythology and folklore to refractions in literature and real-life evidence in war, politics and cultural crises, the arguments presented herein address, challenge and dismantle what it means to be the evil feminine, and come from a wide variety of differing disciplines, professions and vocations. The interdisciplinary nature of these papers gives us an international, intersectional view of evil and the feminine, confronting issues of age, nationality, gender roles, domestic abuse, religion, sexuality and patriarchal power.

Cathleen Allyn Conway

The Use of Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War: A Comparative Study on Bosnian and Rwandan Cases
Deniz Özbek Özyurt

Perceptions of a Traitor: Spinster-Whore-Crone, the Three Faces of Anglo-American Cold War Female Traitors
Kirsten Smith

Does a ‘Witch’ Mean the Same in English and in Russian? A Textual Portrayal of Mihail Bulgakov’sMargarita in the Original and in Six English Translations
Natalia Kaloh Vid

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful: Women Writers’ Difficult Relationships with the ‘Bad Woman’ Character in Antony and Cleopatra
Kitamura Sae

‘Each Dead Child, Coiled’: The Dark Side of Pregnancy in the Poems of Sylvia Plath
Cathleen Allyn Conway

The Chthonic Castrating Mother: Female Monstrosity and the Myth of the Cave in Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve
Alicia Carter

‘What Chance Had This Son of Adam against Such a Woman’? The Victories and Vilification of Madame Blavatsky
Jamie Spears

Women outside the Box: The Continuum of Correlation between Female Cultural Transgression and Evil
Kymme Laetsch

Female Violence in Italy: An Emerging Discourse of Heterosexual Intimate Partner Violence
Daniela Bandelli

Evil Interference in Political Affairs of Women? A Case Study of Candidates’ Wives in the 2014 Taipei Mayoral Election in Taiwan
Pei-Ci Li

Perceptions of Evil from Abu Ghraib: Female Prison Guards and Sexual Violence
Theresa Porter and Helen Gavin

‘Is She Trying to Seduce You’? A Popular Cultural Survey of Lilith as the Archetype of Female Evil
Kathrin Trattner

Demonic and the Feminine in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Tupá Guerra Guimarães da Silva

Evil Fem-Bots: The Insidious Body of the Female Cyborg and Feminine Robot
Catherine Woodward

‘Ins Feuer sollte man dich werfen! Rote Natter!’ Pictorial Construction and Staging of an Operatic Femme Fatale
Iris Mangeng

Cathleen Allyn Conway‘s PhD research is in creative writing at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She is the co-editor of Plath Profiles, the only academic journal dedicated to the work of Sylvia Plath, and the founder and editor of women’s protest poetry magazine Thank You For Swallowing.