Living Responsibly: Ethical Issues in Everyday Life

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Living Responsibly: Ethical Issues in Everyday Life


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Everything we do, every decision we make, in every aspect of our lives, affects others, whether or not we think about those effects before acting. Every single move we make has ethical significance. It matters how we behave towards others, including strangers, family and friends; the extent to which we are willing to share what we have; the energy we use in travelling and in heating our homes; where we should shop for food, clothes and the other essentials of modern life. This eBook invites all of us to engage in reflection about these ethical issues of everyday life. Those of us who care about how we affect the world and those with whom we share it will find the issues raised and thoughts offered a source of inspiration. The topics touched upon are wide-ranging, promising innovative ideas for turning the intention to live responsibly into practice.

Jan Prothmann

Section 1 Moral Judgement and Responsibility

A Breakthrough in the Common Ethical View
Kakali Ghoshal

Hitting the Moral Decision like a Ball
Madhu Kapoor

Aspects of a Morally Responsible Practice
Eva Buddeberg

Section 2 Poverty, Justice and the Environment

Ethical Consumerism, Personal Responsibility, and Systemic Problems
Ornaith O’Dowd

Global Justice: What Do We Owe to the Poor?
Makoto Usami

Thou Shalt Take Care of Your Own Waste: Rural Practices in a Global Metropolis and Their Implications
Kin-Ling Tang

Section 3 Workplace

Citizenship and Public Administration: Competition or Participation? The Italian Case
Umberto Buratti

The Meaning of Being an Ethical Psychologist: Second Year’s Psychology Students’ Perspective
Klaudija Pauliukeviciute and Kristina Zardeckaite-Matulaitiene

Employees’ Attitudes toward Ethical Behaviour at Work: Impact of Their Individual Characteristics
Kristina Zardeckaite-Matulaitiene, Aukse Endriulaitiene and Justina Naujokaitiene

Emotion Management in Business Communication
Anna Rostomyan and Anabel Ternès

Section 4 Human Relationships

Why are the Stories we tell morally important?
Gavin Fairbairn

To be Parents between Care and Pillage: The Double-sided Ethics within the Life of Intercountry Adoptive Families in Italy
Rossana DiSilvio

Caring Networks: Rethinking the Moral Obligations Placed on Statutory Care Services
Sue Hollinrake and Will Thomas

Jan Prothmann is a consultant working in international development cooperation. As a practitioner, his main area of work is rural development and decentralisation. Within this context, he is particularly interested in problems related to “distributive justice”, “social and resource dilemmas” and “free will”.