Making Sense of Suffering: A Collective Attempt


Making Sense of Suffering: A Collective Attempt


Edited by Anja A. Drautzburg and Jackson Oldfield

Year: 2013

Format: eBook

In November 2011, academics from across the disciplines came together to discuss the idea of suffering. This book is a product of that meeting, bringing together the ideas of 17 authors to discuss, from different perspectives, what does it mean to suffer and can meaning be made out of suffering?

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What does it mean to suffer and can we make meaning out of suffering? Exploring these questions through theory, practise and representation, this book attempts to shed light on these difficult questions. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to this topic, contributions to this work have come from seventeen authors working in a wide variety of disciplines; from philosophy and literature, to law and sociology, and are peppered with personal accounts and stories. This book does not aim to have all the answers to this most complex of subjects, however through a broad and inclusive authorship, it provides an in-depth, multifaceted study of the idea of suffering.

Introduction: How Can We Make Sense of Suffering?
Anja A. Drautzburg and Jackson Oldfield

Part I Theory

On Suffering and Its Relation to the Conception of Nihilism in Nietzsche’s Thought
Stein A. Hevrøy

Kierkegaard’s View on the Suffering Aspects of Life and the Role of Love on Decreasing the Suffering of Life
Faezeh Moeinikorbekandi

Postmodern Suffering: Contemporary Society and the Postmodern Sublime
Hadi Fayyaz

Part II Practice

Suffering and the ‘Acceptability Gap’: A Concept of Convergence
David MacKintosh

Human Rights Law and the Displaced Human: Silence, Suffering and Neglect
Aslıhan Bilgin, Burak Haciahmetoglu and Jackson Oldfield

Religious Conversion and Suffering
Joshua Iyadurai

Culturally-Embedded Meaning-Making: An Exploration of How Young, Resilient South African Adults Confront Suffering
Linda C. Theron and Adam M. C. Theron

‘Grief is love’: Understanding Grief through Self-Help Groups Organised by the Family Survivors of Suicide
Tomofumi Oka

‘A Blessing in Disguise’: The Meaning of Suffering in the Work of Viktor E. Frankl and Aldous Huxley
Janko Andrijasevic

Book of Joe
Donald Felipe

Part III Representation

The Problem of Chivalry: Yvain’s Suffering in Chrétien de Troyes’ Le Chevalier au Lion
Alexandria Krause

‘Numbing people was an art form now’: Cancer and Suffering in Pat Barker’s Another World and Andrew Miller’s Oxygen
Anja A. Drautzburg

Pain Worth More than a Penny: Performance of Suffering in Omeros and The America Play
Bev Hogue

Scarred Language: Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts
Luísa Maria Flora

Anja A. Drautzburg has a MA in English Literature from Bonn University, Germany and works as a German ‘Lektorin’ at the University of Oxford. Her research interests include 20th and 21st century British literature and culture as well as dialogues between medicine and literature.

Jackson Oldfield is an independent scholar, formerly of Lund University, Sweden. His interests include migration and undocumentedness, human rights and participation, and the human rights obligations of non-state actors.