Pan Eroticism Front Cover



Edited by Ben Ambler, Ana Dosen and Kristina Kocan Salamon

Year: 2015

Format: eBook (PDF)

PanEroticsm offers an illuminating collection of voices on the erotic in literature, cinema and art, celebrating erotic resistance to being reduced to monosemic term.

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PanEroticism asks the question, just what does it mean for something to be erotic? Located only momentarily between perceiver and perceived, any definition of eros is necessarily relative and contingent, personal and ephemeral. In trodding and charting the erotic’s manifold corners and planes, bodies and members, surfaces and firmaments, the chapters within this volume reveal the polysemy of eros. They examine the erotic potential not only in bodies and practices but in music and voices, objects and spaces, sights and textures, words and ideas. Through divergent meditations, all carry the reader to the same place of wonder, totality, uncertainty and, dare one say, arousal. As your own critical valences carry you through the pages of this compilation, we invite you to reflect upon the implications herein for the erotic in your research and writing, your practice and play. What, in other words, arouses you?

Ben Ambler, Ana Dosen and Kristina Kocan Salamon

Part I Decrypting the Erotic

Decoding Desire in Contemporary Erotic Poetry: From Love to Pornography
Kristina Kocan Salamon

A Comrade or a Mistress? Translations of Robert Burns’s Erotic Poetry in the Soviet Union
Natalia Kaloh Vid

Mithuna: The Erotic Symbol of Divine Biunity with Reference to the Imagery of Shiva and Shakti in Indian Art
Soumya Manjunath Chavan

Codependence as a Symbiosis: Focusing on Sexual Relationships
Mariko Konishi

Part II Tongues of Sensuality

Discursive Transgression and Waste of Meaning in Georges Bataille’s The Story of the Eye
Philip Stoilov

The Erotic Capital Onstage
Josep Martí

Of Folkloric Eroticism in the Algerian Raï
Sabrina Zerar

Part III The Allure of the Offbeat

‘Intimate with Monsters’: Mary Shelley’s Dark Desires in Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl
Doreen Bauschke

The Erotic, Ethics and Philosophy: Fantasy and the Other in Frisk
Matthew James Bowes-Graham

Rediscovering National Identity through the Erotic: Incestual and Orgiastic in Imamura and Miike
Ana Dosen

Lost and Found: An Exploration of the Functioning of Hermaphroditism within Erotic Discourse
Michael Handrick

Part IV Topographies of Desire

Habitus and the Erotic in Last Tango in Paris and Cleansed
David Hammerbeck

Sexuality as a Temporary Identity of Female Characters in Video Games
Adam Flamma

Sexing the Past: Venus, the Erotic and History as a Lens for Inter-Cultural and Inter-Historical Interaction
Dena Gilby

The Obliterated Image: Fetishism and the Erotic in Relation to the Gaze in Photographic Practice
Fagner Bibiano

Part V Arousing Female Voices across Cultures

Exploring the Erotic in Asian, African American and Irish Women’s Writing: The Rhetoric of Satire
Melania Terrazas Gallego

Seductive Music in the Novel of Adultery: Erotic Melodies in The Kreutzer Sonata and The Awakening
Aina Martí

Ben Ambler is a teaching associate and PhD. student in the Department of English at Arizona State University, and sits on the board of directors for the Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages (TEAMS). His research examines spiritual axes of sexuality from the Christian Middle Ages to the contemporary Western world.

Ana Dosen is a lecturer and Ph.D. candidate at Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University in Belgrade, Serbia where she teaches media theory, Japanese culture and art and gives lectures on Anime: Media Representations of South East Asia, Asian Cinematography and Introduction to Media Studies.

Kristina Kocan Salamon, a poet and translator. She is currently completing her Ph.D. Dissertation entitled ‘America Post 9/11: Responses in Poetry and Culture’ at the University of Maribor. Her books include a poetry collection entitled Šara (2009) and several books of poetry translations.