Past and Present: Perspectives on Gender and Love

Gender and Love eBook 4

Past and Present: Perspectives on Gender and Love


Edited by Sina V. Pfister and Kelly Gardiner

Year: 2015

Format: eBook (PDF)

A collection of papers examining the changing definitions of and interactions between gender and many forms of love across time, context and place, and from a range of disciplines and approaches.

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How do humans conceive of, enact, embody, perform, control, commodify, proscribe and portray love and gender? How are our bodies, our identities, our beliefs, our representations of ourselves affected by love and gender – or perceptions of love and gender? What don’t we know? What don’t we talk about? Why? Have answers to all these questions changed over time? Across cultures?

These and many other questions lie at the heart of this volume on the changing natures and intertwining of gender and love. Its contents encompass concepts of love within and of the self, in families and between specific family members, in sexual and intimate relationships, in spiritual practice, in communities, and seen through many different lenses and from a range of disciplines and approaches. Readers may be left with more questions than answers: we certainly hope so.

Sina V. Pfister and Kelly Gardiner

Part I Belief, Gender and Love

An Inspiring Mother: How the River Goddess Maa Ganga Encourages Both Men and Women to Care for Their Family
Sina V. Pfister

Malaysian Muslim Gay and Lesbian Community’s Perspective of the Concept of Domestic Partnership and Marriage in the Quran
M. Izwan M. Yusof, M. Najib Abd. Kadir , 
Mazlan Ibrahim and Tg. Intan Zarina Tg. Puji

Vulnerable Genders, Vulnerable Loves: Genealogies in Jewish Religion
Marianne Schleicher

‘The Bible Doesn’t Say Anything about Trans People, Does It Sir?’ Transgender And Transsexual Narratives of the Relationships Between Religion and Education
Andrea Mathews

Part II Narratives of Love and Gender

Love, Alterity and Gender Relations: Re-thinking the Myth of Eros and Psyche
Wernmei Yong Ade

Conditions of (Im)Possibility: True Love in Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 and Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games Trilogy
Deirdre Byrne

‘Toutes des putes sauf ma mère’: On the Tendency to Debasement in the Sphere of Love
Dylan Sebastian Evans

An Unconventional Ménage à trois: The Fluidity of Love and Desire in Anne Fontaine’s Nathalie
Angela Tumini

Part III Gender and Love through the Ages

Romancing the Sexes: Representations of Marital Love in Etruria
Bridget Sandhoff

Fictions of Love: Writing about Seventeenth Century Ideas of Love and Gender
Kelly Gardiner

Queer Love: Love Policies, Possible Love and Tolerance
Itoitz Rodrigo Jusué

Part IV Gender and Love in the 21st Century

The (Im)possibility of Love: Women and the Problem of the Feminine
Eileen Clements

Gender, Health and Plastic Surgeries
Bartosz Płotka

Transforming Queer Culture: There’s an App for That
Tara L. Gill

Problematizing Love, Sex and Marriage: Contraceptive Advertisements in Bangladesh
Umme Busra Fateha Sultana

Kelly Gardiner is a writer and educator, and the author of seven books. She teaches creative writing at La Trobe University, and digital literacy at the State Library of Victoria, Australia.

Sina V. Pfister is a Masters student in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Her research includes ethnographic fieldwork in India and Chile.