Space and Place: Diversity in Reality, Imagination and Representation


Space and Place: Diversity in Reality, Imagination and Representation


Edited by Brooke L. Rogers and Anna Sugiyama

Year: 2013

Format: eBook


This compilation on ‘space’ and ‘place’ crosses disciplinary borders, with papers from fields such as architecture, archaeology, philosophy, social work, politics, and the creative and visual arts.

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The search for greater understanding of ‘space’ and place’ inevitably involves an encounter with divergent approaches across a range of academic disciplines. Twenty authors from disciplines such as architecture, archaeology, philosophy, social work, politics, and the creative and visual arts have contributed papers to this compilation. It is for this reason that the book is entitled Space and Place: Diversity in Reality, Imagination, and Representation. Nevertheless, one significant theme remains consistent throughout this collection – the relationship between humans, space, and place. We hope you enjoy reading this diverse anthology and, at the same time, discover how interdisciplinary collaboration can help to deepen our encounter with and understanding of ‘space’ and ‘place’.

Brooke L. Rogers and Anna Sugiyama

Section 1: Philosophical Speculations on Space and Place

Place as Spatiotemporal Experience: A Dooyeweerdian Approach to the Concepts of Space and Time
Manila De Iuliis

Embodied/Disembodied Conjectures: Spatial Subjectivity and Architectural Aesthetics
Christina Malathouni

Section 2: Architectural and Urban Design and Experience

Representation of ‘Potential Realities’ and Contemporary Domestic Myths
Antigoni Katsakou

Spatial Design for New Typologies of Places: In-Between Urban Spaces
Giovanna Piccinno and Elisa Lega

Socio-Spatial Transformations in Urban Landscape: Athens, a Capital in Crisis
Eleni Triantafyllopoulou and Anastasia Chani

The City of Borders
Duygu Ovacık and Demet Dinçer

Humanist Design for Marginalised Urban Areas
Nadia Funke

Section 3: Domestic and Local Uses of Space and Place

Gendered Spaces within the Home: An Irish Perspective
Katherine Cagney

The Imaginary Sanctums: The Meaning of Space and Place in Ancient Persian Houses
Parsa Pahlavan

Just Add Furniture: Transforming Space to Place
Lindsay Purssord

Section 4: Spaces and Places of Imagination and Negotiation in Geopolitical Settings

Existing Here and There: Imaginary Homeland of Bulgarian Turks
Berrin Akgün Yüksekli

Renegotiating the Meaning of Place: Anwar Sadat and the Journey to Jerusalem
Brooke L. Rogers

Section 5: Spaces of Technology, Communication and Power

Notes on Commonspace
Robin van den Akker

Configuration of Urban Space through Media Ballistics
Walaid Sehwail and Craig Anz

Section 6: Spaces and Places of Education and Learning

Pre-Service Teachers, Professional Experiences and Culture Shock: ‘Enactment and Sense Making’ in New Spaces and Places
Barbra McKenzie, Phil Fitzsimmons, Andrew Matthes, Jason Hinze and Lorinda Bruce

Building Space for Philosophy: Ideas behind the Underground University in Czechoslovakia
Anna Sugiyama

Section 7: Literary Representations: ‘Escaping’ from and ‘Returning’
to Space and Place

Objects of Power: The Threat of the Domestic Environment in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca
Stephanie Derisi

Let Love Lead the Way: Spatial Compatibility and Territories of Love in Chick- and Ladlit
Christian Lenz

Section 8: Aesthetic Expressions of Space and Place

The Metaphysics of Space as Device and Subject in Painting
Ella Whateley

The Vision and Sense of Space in Architecture, Music and Literature
Jana Arabzadeh

Brooke L. Rogers is PhD candidate with the School of Politics and International Studies at The University of Queensland, Australia. Her current research focuses on the renegotiation of the meaning of place in divided communities. Other research interests include peacebuilding and conflict resolution. She has a background in anthropology and Egyptology.

Anna Sugiyama is a research student at the Department of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw in Poland. Although she is originally from Japan, because of her strong interest in the Central European culture and history, she currently conducts her research in Europe.