Sporting Boundaries, Sporting Events and Commodification


Sporting Boundaries, Sporting Events and Commodification


Edited by Dikaia Chatziefstathiou and Andrea Kathryn Talentino

Format: Paperback/eBook (pdf)

This book provides an interdisciplinary exploration of the boundaries of sport—political, economic, and social—as well as the close connections between them.


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This book addresses cross-cutting aspects of sport that engage important foundational questions.  Who benefits from sport?  How does commodification drive sport development and meanings?  What boundaries determine fan and participant? The contributors to this volume are interested in sport’s social, political, and economic influences and roles, and show that the answers have many layers.  Sport encompasses far more than the elite and professional levels that generate mass passions and large bank accounts, and impacts individuals in varying ways. The boundaries referred to in the title are thus not the typical, geospatial boundaries that define our world but the limits and possibilities that are attached to and derive from sport.  The events that comprise sport and the commodification that attends to it shape those limits and possibilities, and create the understandings that define both what sport is and what we want it to be.

Dikaia Chatziefstathiou and Andrea Kathryn Talentino

Part I Sporting Communities and Boundaries

Sport’s Positive Potential: Professional and Youth Sport through the Lens of Positive Psychology
Skye G. Arthur-Banning and Mary Sara Wells

Performing Identity in the English Premier League Football Fandom in Eldoret, Kenya
Solomon Waliaula

Creating a Nostalgic Revolution: The Double Narrative of the First Fan-Owned Football Club in Israel and Its Symbolic Boundaries
Ori Katz

Part II The Global Commodification of Sport

Sociological Justification for Non-Taxation of Sports Heroes
Karolina Tetlak

Nutritional Supplement Commodification and Consequence to Sport
Gary Gabriels

Part III The Impacts of Global Sports and Sports Events

Against All Odds: Surmounting the Challenges of the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar
Susan Dun

Pathways to International Status: Image Manipulation and the Olympic Games
Andrea Kathryn Talentino

Dikaia Chatziefstathiou is Reader in Olympic Studies & the Social Analysis of Sport in the School of Human and Life Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK. Her research largely focuses on Olympic Studies (Olympism, Olympic values and Olympic education), while her most recent research explores the dimensions of social capital in the context of sport.

Andrea Kathryn Talentino is Professor of Political Science and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont.  Her research focuses on the Olympic Games within international relations, and civil conflict and international intervention.