The Emotions and Actions of Revenge

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The Emotions and Actions of Revenge


Edited by Rodrigo de Souza Tavare and Vibha Singh Chauhan
Year: 2014
Format: eBook (PDF)

Revenge is a complex phenomenon, formed by beliefs, emotions and actions. The authors of this volume, who come from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, employ a myriad of methodological tools to seek and unveil the mysteries of revenge.

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Can we answer what is revenge in a simple way, relying on ancient formulas such as “an eye for an eye”? It’s very unlikely. Revenge is a complex of beliefs, emotions and actions. Its serves a critical social function has a lot of different cultural meanings and is deeply rooted in our minds and bodies, defying the nature and nurture division. Besides that, crossing the limits of the material experience, the theme of revenge was also constantly associated with religious and metaphysical explanations of the universe.

Rodrigo de S. Tavares and Vibha S. Chauhan

Part I Arts and Revenge

Médée’s Revenge: Magic and Rhetoric in the French Médée Tragedies of the 16th and 17th Centuries
Franziska Edler

Metaphysical Revenge: An Illustrative Case – Holocaust Literature
Lily Halpert Zamir

Revenge as Platform for Performance: Thomas Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy
Noora Shamsi Bahar

Zombies: Revenge and the Perfect Sacrifice of Innocence
Charles W. Nuckolls

The Revenging Woman in Mainstream Hindi Cinema
Nirmalya Samanta

Part II Religion and Revenge

Hell Comes Home: Nietzsche, Tertullian, and Islamic Suicide Bombing
Geoffrey Karabin

Understanding Revenge based on Memories of the ‘Red Barrel’ Incident, Phatthalung Province, Thailand
Jularat Damrongviteetham

Of Prodigals and Forgiveness: The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect
Minnie Mattheew

Part III Culture and Revenge

Vengeance and Witchcraft: Ghana and South Africa Compared
Sheila C. Bibb

Idea of Revenge: Society, Politics and Literature in India
Vibha S. Chauhan

Modes of Revenge among the Becheve People of Northern Cross River Nigeria: Case Study of Thunder and Epilepsy
Ernest O. Anyacho and Eugene U. Ibli

Part IV Law, Emotions and Revenge

The Social Utility of Resentment
Justin Malbon

Banished from the Stands: Collective Punishment in Brazilian Sports Law
Rodrigo de S. Tavares

Rape, Retribution, Redemption: Toward a Karmic Release
Sandhya S. Nayar

Rodrigo de Souza Tavares is Professor at Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ). His main interests are Legal Theory and Constitutional Law. Currently his research and writing is devoted to establish connections between this fields and the research on emotions made by social psychologists and affective scientists.

Vibha Singh Chauhan is Associate Professor at Department of English, Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi, Delhi, India. She is novelist in Hindi. Her research interests include myths and cultures of non-urban communities, translation, language politics, and democratic paradigms in India.