Visual Stimulation: Shaping Teen Identities


Visual Stimulation: Shaping Teen Identities


Edited by Ann-Marie Cook and Teresa Sofia Castro

Format: Paperback/eBook (pdf)

This collection of essays explores from an interdisciplinary perspective the ways in which contemporary visual culture comprised of television, film, video, fashion and blogs engages with teenage identities, sensibilities and experiences.


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The omnipresence of the image in contemporary society raises important questions and provokes critical debates concerning the relationship between individuals and visual culture. Cultural studies and visual culture scholarship provides valuable insights into the ways in which film, television, video, fashion, photography and other visual fields shape and are shaped by the values, sensibilities and practices that condition everyday life. However, the particular dynamics of teenage visual culture often escape the level of critical scrutiny directed at adult-centred texts. In recognition that teenagers occupy a complex, though frequently marginalised, position in society, this collection of essays draws upon a range of interdisciplinary approaches to examine the ways in which visual culture reflects and shapes teenage sensibilities, educates teens about the world around them and contributes to the process of identity formation.

Ann-Marie Cook

Part I: Grappling with Growing Up: Depicting the Challenges of Adolescent Experiences

Glee as a Youth Series: Values, Topics, Solutions
Steffi Krause

The Impact of Beverly Hills 90210 and Gossip Girl on the Personal Reflection of the Adolescent Audience
Iris Schäfer

Exploring Adolescence through Myths of Horror
Debanjali Roy

Part II: Identity Issues

Skins and the Rebellious Reclamation of Female Friendship
Ann-Marie Cook

Beyond between the Sheets: Skins and the Role of Queer Friendship in Legitimising Queer Bonds Outside of the Normative Matrix
Erin Tatum

Reflections: Mirroring Lesbian Desire
April Sharkey

Part III: Teens as Creative Producers

Why Naomi Travels through the Media: Skins, Fan Fiction and the Power to Change Discourses
Camilla Emilie Brix Jensen

Beyond Skins: The Facades within Cosplay, TV, Fan Fiction and Blogs
Hsiao Yuz Tan

‘I created a blog to enter this world’: Online Dangerous Pro-Anorexic Contents Produced and Disseminated by Children
Teresa Sofia Castro and António J. Osório

Teenagers as Producers: Ten Years of Music Video Productions
Arielle Friedman

Ann-Marie Cook holds a PhD in Film from the University of East Anglia and wears the dual hats of policy research officer and independent scholar. Her research interests include Skins, silent cinema, heritage films and intersections between politics and cinema.

Teresa Sofia Castro is a scholarship researcher at the University of Minho (Portugal). She has a Master Degree in Child Studies – Information and Communication Technology and a first degree in Philosophy and Humanities.