Ways of Queering, Ways of Seeing


Ways of Queering, Ways of Seeing


Edited by Jillian E. Cox and Jo Grzelinska

Year: 2015

Format: Paperback/eBook (pdf)

Ways of Queering, Ways of Seeing explores intersections within queer theorising from multiple cultural sites and disciplinary terrains, offering stimulating readings of queer subjectivities, texts, spaces and moments in time.


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Ways of Queering, Ways of Seeing offers a rich collection of multi-disciplinary contributions which contain a special emphasis on queering cultural pluralisms. Whereas much work on queer theorisations and sexualities has typically focused on western notions of the subject, resulting in a further normalisation of western bodies, spaces and practices, the strength of this collection is the central position it gives to non-dominant yet significant cultural identities, practices and places – to queer global realities. The scholarship is unique among similarly-themed collections in being developed within an environment of mutual scholarly exchange between authors from multiple cultural localities and varied disciplinary terrains. Authors offer stimulating readings of texts, theories, spaces and moments in time, addressing existing questions about subjectivity, agency, power and otherness, and provoking new questions within shared concerns. The result is a collection of innovative research that speaks to matters of significance for current living and theorising.

Introduction: Queering Cultural Pluralisms: Conversations across the Globe
Jillian E. Cox

Part I Queering Politics, Culture, Identity, Nation

Peculiar Politics in Malaysia: A Queer Perspective on Non-Heteronormative Malay-Muslim Men
Joseph N. Goh

Displaced by Discourse: Media and Transgender People as Subjects of Gentrification in Istanbul
Yener Bayramoğlu

Silences that Speak Volumes: Bisexual Labour in Bangladesh
Jo Grzelinska

Reconceptualising the Subject in Queer Theory: A Narrative from India
Meenakshi Malhotra

Part II Queering Identities, Bodies, Performances, Spaces

Queering Parenthood: Internet Representations of Parents with Disabilities
Vikki Fraser and Gwynnyth Llewellyn

Queering Foreign Bodies: Discourse and Identity in Visual Representations of Straight Migrant Men
Itai Doron

Rampa: Dynamics of Queer Spaces and Sex Work at Quezon Memorial Circle, Philippines
Edson G. Cabalfin

Part III Queer Re-Readings of the Normative

Killer Robots and Gay Porn Queens: Queer Asian Bodies, Metamorphosis and Subversion in Tom Cho’s Look Who’s Morphing
Shalmalee Palekar

Reinventing and Renegotiating a Queer Nigerian Identity in Chris Abani’s GraceLand
Gregory Luke Chwala

Beyond Freudian Narcissism and the Cowboy Myth: Queering the Narcissistic Desires in Brokeback Mountain
Tommy Tse

Jillian E. Cox is a member of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology, Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia. Her research interests lie in the crossovers between theology and sexuality, particularly in questions of authority and interpretation in contemporary theological responses to homosexuality.

Jo Grzelinska is a PhD candidate at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (La Trobe University), with intersecting interests in queer methodologies and global sexualities. She also works with constructivist evaluation techniques towards the primary prevention of violence against women.